We never set out to create a beverage company or to be a roaster. We just wanted to make good coffee.

We started as shop owners and baristas.

After a few years of being in the coffee industry in various roles, we opened up our shop, Comeback Coffee in Memphis, TN. Our goal was to create a unique and welcoming space in the city that raised us. When the pandemic hit, we had to pivot like so many other small businesses. The one request we received was that we somehow provided our coffee sodas during this time.

After a lot of thought and RnD, a small team of us (Amy and Hayes McPherson our Co-owners and Ethan McGaughy our now COO) put in the work to can, by hand, small batches of our Field Day for our community. After MANY late nights and continuously selling out, we knew we had to pivot yet again.

We moved our operations to a garage behind Comeback Coffee and began producing in larger batches of our now two mainstay flavors, Field Day and Southern Style. While far from glamorous, this new space allowed us to scale our operations and begin to send our Coffee Sodas around Memphis.

We stayed there for a year and half before we began construction on our pride and joy, Comeback HQ. Comeback HQ is our manufacturing facility, offices, and roastery just two buildings down from where it all started. We now sell nation wide and have an incredibly talented team doing what we love, creating fun beverages and roasting tasty coffees for our community. We're excited to continue to grow that community every day.


We get a lot of questions about what we do! Hopefully, these answer those.

It's EXACTLY what it sounds like! Coffee base (in our case we use our Flash chilled Costa Rican coffee) with a bit of flavor mixed in! Our goal is to have a coffee drink that walks the line of coffee and flavor well. We know it sounds crazy but we promise it's a drink you have to try at least once. If nothing else, just to say you've tried it!

We use a Costa Rican Coffee! We know coffee well and we experimented with several different processing methods and origins to land on the perfect mix. We feel as though Costa Rica coffees provided the best support for our Coffee Sodas.

This is the method of how we make our cold coffees for any coffee beverages we have at Comeback. We brew our coffee hot and immediately chill it. This brings out all of the good parts of coffee that we love without being too bitter or overwhelming. It also gives it a refreshing tea-like body in comparison to its heavy cold brew counter method.

From all over! Our rotation of coffees changes frequently. Our hope is to find producers and exporters who share our commitment in fair wages, superior products, and in creating a better future for the next generation of coffee professionals. Catalyst, Cofinet, and Forest Coffee are some of those exporter partners we work with.

On average, each Coffee Soda has around 150mg of caffeine per can. Just enough for a kick but nothing that'll knock you out!

While we firmly believe there's a place for all styles of roasts, Comeback typically roasts light to medium coffee profiles.

Consider him our little mascot! Other than being one of the cutest animals to exist, raccoons always know how to find their way home and they are the Tennessee state animal!

All over! While we are based in Memphis, TN, we stock in small cafes and grocery stores all over the US. Follow us on social media as we update and highlight new stockists!

It is not! We are one hundred percent zero proof. But our Coffee Sodas do make for a good mixer if that's your sort of thing!

All designed in-house by our Co-owner and head of design, Amy McPherson. She's a design genius and we owe the entire look of our company to her!

We Love what we do

What makes us special is that everyone on the Comeback team has spent time behind bar working hands on with coffee. It's a requirement for us to ensure we stay true to who we are at our core. Coffee professionals who love creating fun drinks for our community. Hit the link to learn more about our team!