• Ethiopia Natural Basha Bekele Kokose
  • Ethiopia Natural Basha Bekele Kokose

Ethiopia Natural Basha Bekele Kokose

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Classic 93%
Modern 7%

Tasting Notes

Raspberry • Nutmeg • Puer Tea

As always, flavor is subjective. We just hope you enjoy.

Producer Info

We are really excited to bring on this coffee from Basha. Before the government made it possible for smallholders to obtain export
licenses, both Basha and his father sold their cherry to the cooperative. Basha now has his own export license and grows coffee (primarily 74158, known locally as “Walega”) in semi-forested plots on 12 hectares in addition to operating
collection sites in Bombe, Shantawane, and Kokose—collecting cherry from producers growing coffee as high as 2300
masl. While cherry prices were high this year, Basha maintained a practice we didn’t see everywhere: delivering a second
payment to the 126 producers he bought cherry from once the coffee sold. Like most smallholders around Bensa, Basha
exclusively produces dry processes—which includes experiments with anaerobic styles of fermentation—and practices
cherry flotation before drying his coffee slowly on raised beds (with some preparations drying under shade).

Coffee Info

Country | Ethiopia

Location | Sidama Bensa Kokose

Process | Natural

Varietal | 74158

Elevation | 2,215 (MASL)

Pricing Transparency

Green Cost | $6.25 per lb

Landed Green Cost | $ 6.50 per lb

Comeback Cost | $8.50 per lb