• Mixed 4 Pack of Coffee Soda
  • Mixed 4 Pack of Coffee Soda

Mixed 4 Pack of Coffee Soda

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Torn between our two flavors? Don't want to commit to two separate 4 packs? We get it. New things are a bit scary. But don't worry! With our mixed four-pack, you can now try both flavors before committing one way or the other! We have a feeling you'll be back for both soon though! This mixed 4 pack contains two cans of Southern Style and two cans of Field Day.

At Comeback, we source High-quality  natural ingredients to combine with our in-house roasted and flash-chilled coffee. Shaking up the typical flavors often combined with coffee, we rejoin coffee with its first home, fruit.

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We love to drink our coffee sodas straight from the can but over ice is just as nice.

Our Coffee Sodas also make great mixers! We think Field Day works best with whiskey, champagne (or the bubbles of your choice), or vodka.